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    Maikeru Riengoddo [WIP]


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    Maikeru Riengoddo [WIP] Empty Maikeru Riengoddo [WIP]

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    Basic Information:

    Name: Maikeru Riengoddo
    Nickname: Silver Sword
    Age: 18
    Gender: Male
    Looks: Maikeru Riengoddo [WIP] Hot_anime_guy-1
    Personality: Maikeru doesn't share his feelings well, and as such many people regard him as cold and uncaring. He chooses to fight alone than rely on anyone, because he doesn't want anyone to rely on him. He is patient and quiet, and slow to anger.
    Likes: Solitude, Quiet, Noodles
    Dislikes: Noise, Being bugged.
    Extras: None

    Shinobi Information:

    Village: Mist
    Clan: Shikyo (will create later if I have to)
    Rank: Chuunin
    Elements: Water, Wind
    Weapons: None
    Summons: None
    Jutsu: (will post link after they get approved)

    Background Information:

    Background: (hope you don't mind, but I'm used to doing this in arcs)

    Birth Ark: Maikeru was born to Josfua Riengoddo and Kairi Shikyo. His birth was normal and uneventful, but his parents were forced to keep an close watch on him due to the fact he didn't breathe well. The doctors soon found that It was simply due to a minor glitch in his chakra system that wound around his throat instead of going up it. This was soon fixed, but as they were doing it, he was found to have a large amount of chakra for one his age (although by normal standards he has very very little still).

    Childhood Ark: Maikeru spent his early years being lavished on by his two parents, but often ignored by his grandfather. At the age of 5, he questioned his grandfather about this, and his grandfather said it was not good to be spoiled like this, and that Maikeru should have started to train the KKG of his clan. Due to this, to earn the respect of his grandfather, Maikeru began training ahead of time to strengthen his KKG abilities, much to the worry of his parents. By the time he entered the academy, his KKG abilities were above the level of the rest of the children in his clan, but most other techniques were foreign to him.

    Academy & Genin ark: Due to the study techniques he learned while training his KKG, he was able to master many of the basic techniques the academy taught him, and was near the top of his class in every exam. He passed ahead of the rest of his class and became a genin, but due to the shortage of genin in the village, he wasn't put into a group until the age of 11. The next three years were spent doing many D and C ranked missions. He never ran into trouble until the chuunin exams, where he almost was unable to make it into the finals. His one match in the finals ended in a loss, but the Kage saw how thoughtfully he fought and was impressed.

    RP Sample:

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