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    Shikyo Clan


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    Shikyo Clan Empty Shikyo Clan

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    Name: Shikyo
    Manifestation: Every member of this clan is born with grey or silver eyes.
    Kekkei Genkai: The members of the Shikyo clan are able to Shut down their body's systems in order to fake death. This is undetectable by any means other than following their chakra, which remains active. Members of the clan are also able to Harden their blood at will, enabling them to stop sword swings and such.

    Clans History: The Shikyo clan was founded by a lone ninja in the Village Hidden in the Mist who could harden his blood to stop swords and other blades from being effective. After he married, had a child, and sent the child off to be a ninja, he found that this ability was passed down to his son. With this knowledge a few ninjas married into this family so as to have their children obtain this ability. This soon happened on a large enough scale to become a clan.
    Clan Jutsu:

    Name: Blood Blade Jutsu
    Rank: C
    Type: Ninjutsu
    Element: None
    Description: Can only be used by members of the Shikyo clan. The user must first take an attack that draws blood, or injure themselves. The blood from this would is expelled by a wave of the body part injured (usually a hand or arm) and immediately hardened by the KKG. This sharp blade can be used in hand to hand combat, or as a ranged weapon.

    Stages: [if your kekkei genkai has stages, post the pictures and description here]

    Stage 1: Shikyo Kihotenki: The Basic level all members of the clan posses. This level has the user having normal silver eyes and being able to harden their blood and use the blood blade technique.

    Stage 2: Shikyo Koudo: An advanced version of the Shikyo clan KKG that allows the user to use their blood as a weapon at will, by allowing it to escape the skin through the pores. This Level is indicated by Silver eyes with a black horizontal line running through it.

    Stage 3: Shikyo Seiha: The highest level of the Shikyo Clans KKG, this allows the members of the clan to generate blood at will and use it to an incredible extent. They are even able to create armor harder than steel from their own blood. This is a very rare level only 3 members have ever attained. It is designated by Silver eyes with a black, upside-down star.

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