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    Affiliation Rules


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    Affiliation Rules Empty Affiliation Rules

    Post by Shika-Kun on Wed Jan 20, 2010 5:26 pm

    Requesting to be affiliated is easy and simple. Just post up your advertisement here, following the rules mentioned below, and when the staff looks over the site they will either approve it or delete the topic. Please only post an ad once, if you continue to post an ad even though it was deleted, or because the request was never approved or denied, we will punish you.

    1) You must advertise us on your site, it's only polite

    2) Your site should be related to RP somehow, if it isn't please explain why you want us to advertise it

    3) Your site must have appropriate material on it, this is sort of self explanatory

    4) Please keep advertising sites to a minimum, we don't want one person posting up a hundred sites.

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