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    Ayame Yamauchi (WiP.)


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    Ayame Yamauchi (WiP.) Empty Ayame Yamauchi (WiP.)

    Post by Ayame on Tue Jan 19, 2010 5:50 pm

    Basic Information:
    Name: Ayame (Iris .) Yamauchi (Within the Mountains .)
    Age: 15 .
    Gender: Female .
    •Height: 5'2" .
    •Weight: 101 lbs .

    Ayame Yamauchi (WiP.) Maid

    Personality: Ayame is bubbly, and highly thinks of others before herself. Ayame is a jokester, and never hides anything about herself, but her personal problems. Ayame can be quite cute and adoring, and always ruins a moment between a lover. Ayame can be 'girly' at times, and can be hyper, and always is active, even if she had a rough day, or is tired. When Ayame is sad, she never shows it, and she will stick up for the people she likes, and will be quite protective over someone she has a crush on, and will never give them up, even if they do something HORRID to her. Ayame never gives up on a challenge, and when hurt, she will keep going, or encourage her teammates if she has to go back. Ayame seems never to be hurt, since she never shows pain, and Ayame pretends to frown at times, but is smiling on the inside, unless in a fight, or she is with someone she hates.
    Ayame is quite fond of sweet foods, and meaty foods, such as beef, onigiri, and other things related to such.
    Ayame barely dislikes anything, except seeing her friends being hurt, or when someone is trying to steal her crush away from her.
    Extras: Ayame has three piercings in both ears, and in the bottom and top piercings, she wears two blue star earrings, and the middle having a white one, matching with her pale blonde hair.

    Shinobi Information:
    Village: Kumogakure .
    Clan: [Will input SOON .]
    Rank: Chuunin .
    Elements: [Reserved for clan .] Doton, Suiton .
    Weapons:[provide link to approved weapons]
    Summons:[provide link to approved summons]

    Background Information:
    RP Sample: [you don't have to have a huge ammount here, just what you'd normally post]

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