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    Name: Karasu

    Manifestation: Varies (see kkg description}

    Kekkei Genkai: Blood of Karasu

    Clans History:
    At the early second generation of the villages, a new group of warriors had emerged, they worked as mercenaries, utilizing all abilities they could possibly come upon, altering the fate of small villages and clans, making many enemies. The biggest issue that people were having with the band of ninja as the fact that would take the secrets of their victims and allies, using them to their own advantage, whether that was selling them, or killing with them. In an attempt to keep secrets, secrets, three of the new kages met and decided upon a plan of action.

    The plan itself was a stereotypical under handed move in which one hired the band to kill another one’s troops, and eventually trapped the group in a small under ground tunnel, in which a long desperate battle ensued. The end was rather obvious, most of the band was slaughtered though a few remained, these criminals as they were now called were each placed in a different holding cell throughout the 3 kage’s villages, were suppose to be held there up until death.

    Fate had it that one such member of the band, who at the time was called, the crow or Karasu, due to his use of a powerful chakra style. Had managed to make a deal with the current Raikage, the deal was like so, him and three of his men were spared at the cost of all the secrets they had gained from their years of war. Along with Karasu, his younger brother, one of the members who held the secrets of other villages, and one of the very few female members.

    Freedom, had been bought but now as members of the Lightning village, Karasu and his remaining members were put into a world of restrictions, as they functioned together as a team in the battles that ensued after their freedom was bought against the kages deal. The warrior’s skill led him though many battles, earning a name for himself but it wasn’t enough to become a real member of the village. The only way that seemed would prove it was taking his troops directly into the enemy territory and to defeat the anbu captain. Astonishingly, Karasu had managed to weaken his enemy down to just the captain. The following battle was relatively short, after the anbu captain unleash a seal upon his body which turned him into a demon like being, that quickly tore through “The Crow “ and his Team. When things look desperate the Female member hit a blow to the demons heart, in it’s last minutes it asked for a favor from Karasu, and a strange one at that. To preserve the demons legend forever it asked Karasu to absorb the decaying body, and in return he would gain great power unknown before. Karsu chose the power over Death and returned home a hero.

    The dark power itself was unstable at the time and as a result seeped into the Female member who he spent a lot of time with, who became to be known as the first female member of the Karasu clan. The Chakra was first seen as stable when the two warriors had there first son, who went on to pass on the blood line as it became engrained in the cloud village. Around the third generation, the chakra began to really effect it’s hosts body, preventing physical aging after the age of twenty one, though it soon became simply a part of the clan named after their Founder, Karasu lives.

    Clan Jutsu: (case by case)


    Stage 1:

    Primary Ability

    The clan’s main ability is to produce and use a thick black chakra. The Black chakra does non-elemental based damage, which varies based on rank. The Chakra can be manifested in all states of matter, (Solid, Liquid, Gas, Aqueous and the flame like state unique to chakra.) making it very flexible and easy to use. The Chakra itself will not hurt the body of Karasu Clan member, it will also conduct elemental chakra that is allowed by it’s master.

    Stage 2:

    Secondary Ability

    Upon gaining the Chuunin rank, a Karasu clan member will normally unlock a secondary ability, the ability manifest in one of the following ways:

    -Karasu ninjutsu mastery, the user gains a major increase In ninjutsu based abilities , and has excellent control over their Dark Chakra, be able to damage other clan members with it, they tend lack more physical strength then the other members of their clan

    -Karasu Taijutsu mastery, the user gains a major increase in the physical aspects. The Dark Chakra has naturally become implanted into their bones, allowing them to achieve inhuman like levels of Taijutsu skills. Some member have even found ways to release the chakra stored in their bones for attack, the are the strongest physical members of the clan but lack a large amount of chakra and control.

    -Karasu Doujutsu mastery, the rarest and to some the most powerful manifestation of the clans power. Th user gains a vision based jutsu in which their vision is increased to 270 degrees, leaving a small 90 degrees area in which they can not see or use their abilities, this blind spot varies from person to person. Said ability is that the user can create a form of the Karasu black chakra anywhere with in their field of vision, and "Spread" it like a fire from that position as all the chakra must be connected in some manner, this chakra can injure other members of the clan but put's a huge strain on the users body. It is believed that a higher level of this doujutsu can be achieved (created at expense of the user).

    general appearance of the users eye's while activated, though the white circle is different from person to person as it represents the users blind spot:

    The Karasu Karasu

    Stage 3;

    OniKarasu form (Demon Crow)

    upon reaching Jounin level, a clan member ninja normally has the power and knowledge to gain the final, common manifestation of their clan powers, a form in which their power is drastically increased, but they also enter a demon like form which varies from member but they all share the common trait of black feathers somewhere on there body, after x amounts of posts pass the user reverts back to normal in a serve wounded state.

    Other abilities can be gain through use of Karasu chakra but are uncommon and specif to the user

    Clan Characteristics

    -physical aging halts at the age of 21 due to the influence of the chakra, they have no regeneration abilities, meaning they can be killed by normal means.

    -The Chakra effects on them can often leave users with twisted mentalities.

    - Due to Training and ranks with in the clan, members will often have red markings along their cheeks the meaning is only known to the members.

    -black hair and red eyes are the norm with in the Karasu clan.

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