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    The return of the infamous Shikisha((Done))


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    The return of the infamous Shikisha((Done)) Empty The return of the infamous Shikisha((Done))

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    Basic Information:

    Name: Shikisha Kenjinchi [[She-key-shuh, Ken-jean-chi]] Meaning: Shikisha - Conductor; Kenjinchi - Wise man's Blood

    Nickname: Shika

    Age: 23

    Gender: Male

    Looks: Shika is tall in stature, coming up at about five foot eight inches in total. He is lean, often described as being a twig. His muscles are comparable to metal chords, as opposed to baseballs. They're compact, and small, but still just as powerful. His muscles are well-developed, thanks to years of training in the art of kenjutsu, and forming his body into a war machine. Due to the amount of training he has put in, and still puts in, his torso is cut; he has a well-defined six-pack and pecks. However, this hardly ever shows because of the style he chooses to dress in. Though he is of a high rank, he doesn't wear Kage robes or a hat, unless visiting on official business with other kages. He prefers to wear baggy t-shirts, or tighter-fitting long sleeved shirts, usually with a hoodie over it. Shika enjoys wearing jeans, black or grey; the grey ones almost always have doodles on them from when he gets bored. He keeps his pants up with a black studded belt, or even the occasional rainbow canvas belt. Shikisha will typically wear combat boots or sneakers, because of the amount of travel he does.

    His jaw line is powerful, his lips thin and his nose slight. Shika's eyes are large, deep brown in color, and always have a look about them that makes others think he is seeing right through them. He has terrible eye sight, so he will sometimes don black, wire-rimmed glasses to help him to see. He likes to keep his dark brown hair in a ponytail, though his bangs insist on falling down in front of his face anyway. Shika generally wears some form of hat on his head, his preferred hat being a black fedora. Due to his unhealthy habit, Shika is almost always found with a cigarette in his mouth.

    Personality: Shika is very difficult to describe all in a few paragraphs, to truly understand him one would require having a book written solely about his personality. He is a complex and confusing individual. Shika is a hopeless romantic, constantly searching for the one that he can declare as his soul mate. However, the lack of this person has made him bitter, and he often misleads others with his spiteful remarks on love and romantics being fruitless. He is completely and utterly against any form of alcohol or any other drug, and yet he smokes. However, as a first hand witness to the effects of smoking, he refuses to allow anyone else that he knows smoke. Shika is an intelligent and wise person, very mature when it boils down to it, but he often acts immature and impulsive purely because he finds it more entertaining. He is a masochist, he enjoys his own pain thoroughly, and because of this he likes making his life as hellish and uncomfortable as possible. He relishes the sensation of failing, and finds the sensation of success to be completely repulsive. Always the loyal shinobi, he would give his life for anyone in his village, or any village his village is allied to. However, he also understands the concept of honor, and would never interfere in a fight, no matter how useless, unless someone asked him for his help. He has a deep-seeded hatred for all criminal shinobi, due to the stereotype that was burned into his head since he was young. He is against combat, but will gladly accept anyone who challenges him, because he figures eventually he'll lose a fight and as a result his life. He is not suicidal, but he does want to die. He will place himself in any situation that would risk his life, but he would never take his own life.

    Likes: Smoking, Tea, The company of others, His village, Failing.

    Dislikes: Not having tea every day, Serious moments, Missing Ninja, Akatsuki, Succeeding.

    Extras: Shika has a tattoo, depicting a sparrow which is flying over the sea toward a setting sun. This tattoo is on his right shoulder blade.

    Shinobi Information:

    Village: Kumogakure no Sato
    Clan: Kenjinchi
    Rank: Raikage?
    Elements: Raiton, Katon,

    Raikage's Blades

    Mystical Palm
    Chakra Scalpel
    Ash Pile Burning
    Flame Missile
    Fire Dragon Missile
    Earth Dragon Bullet
    Earth Flow River
    Immortal Fire
    Mist Covering
    Swampe of the Underworld
    Great Breakthrough

    Name: Reversal Technique
    Rank: Rank differs with the technique it is countering.
    Element: Denkiton
    Type: Ninjutsu
    Description: This technique will involve the use releasing a bust of Denkiton chakra. This will allow the user to use an equal charge to reverse the lightning technique, sending it off in another direction harmlessly.
    Weaknesses: This technique is unpredictable, making it dangerous to use in enclosed spaces or when allies are around, as the technique it counters could go just about anywhere.

    Name: Magnetic Field Technique
    Rank: B
    Element: Denkiton
    Type: Nin
    Description: This technique allows the user to create a magnetic field, either pushing metal objects far away from them, or pulling them in close. While the metal object is in the field's range it is under the user's control.
    Weaknesses: [every jutsu has one]

    Background Information:

    Shika was born on a cold October day, the day of the Pagan holiday, All-Hallows Eve. His mother died of complications, bringing him into the world and leaving his father in the process. His father grieved, but chose to keep Shika and raise him as his own anyway. However, this would prove much too difficult for Shika's father, and the roles would end up changing though Shika was still extremely young. They lived in a bad part of Konohagakure, just by the southern wall where the only shinobi who patrolled were those who were on wall duty, and they didn't care about what went on below. Shika was forced to get tough fast, he taught himself to fight and scare away people even before joining in the Shinobi Academy. Shika's father didn't know about Shika signing up; he was a carpenter who had a sore spot for shinobi since his late wife had been a kunoichi. So, Shika would show up to the first day, filthy and beaten down badly, without a parent. He felt nothing but embarrassment when he saw the condition of all of the other shinobi children, each with one or even two parents holding their hands as they entered the grounds. The teachers caught one look at him, with his long and untidy hair and his torn up clothes that seemed too big for him, and labelled him trouble. They kept a close eye on him, and treated him coldly. All except for one of his teachers. He soon grew close to the teacher, treating him like an uncle or even a second father. This man, who was named Daisuke, showed no prejudice against Shika for the place that he lived or the way that he dressed. That was a rare thing, even amongst the students who had outcast him. He was a scumbag, a nobody, a criminal in their eyes, though he had done nothing wrong yet. It was two years into the academy that Shika's father died, never telling him of the abilities that Shika's blood carried on from his mother's side. Shika still lived in the house, alone, trying to make a life for himself. His father's retirement checks had been keeping food on the table and a roof over their head, now Shika had to resort to criminal efforts to bring in money. In his side of the village no one cared who did what, so getting away with it was easy, and it brought in just enough to keep him alive. For two years he lived this way, toughening up more and more as he proceeded to develop as a shinobi. It was then that he graduated.

    Shika graduated in a class of fifteen boys and only seven girls. It was his luck that he would be placed with two women and a female Jounin squad leader. However, he didn't mind. As long as everyone did their job and he stayed out of the drama everything was good. However, he would soon discover that not everything goes according to his plan. The two girls began fighting, becoming catty and seeking for Shika to pick a side. Confused, he went to his squad leader. She only laughed, and told him that he should not choose a side, it would only cause trouble. However, Shika couldn't do that. He had feelings for the one named Yumi, and wanted nothing more than to take her side. He knew, though, that taking her side would result in breaking the team up. So, he went to Daisuke for advice. Daisuke, ever the romantic, told him to tell Yumi of his feelings. If she felt the same, no amount of teamwork would be able to make up for what she could give him, and if she didn't then life would go on as it was. So, Shika went to tell her. Yumi felt the same for Gekkou, and everything seemed fine until their teammate Tetsu found out. Infuriated, she swore that she would never talk to either again unless a mission forced her to. This made training with her difficult, and as a result when they fought on one side their teamwork was off. However, Yumi was far stronger than either of them so she could pick up Tetsu's slack. One day, the power would go to Yumi's head. She wanted to be given a rank she deserved, but the Hokage insisted that she take the Chuunin exam and work for her rank. Infuriated, she left the village. Shika was crushed, he had lost his love for power. Determined to show her his own power and join her no matter what it took, he asked his Sensei to put them in the Chuunin exam.

    Shika and Tetsu joined the Chuunin exam together, but after the first two exams they agreed that they were no longer a team. They would not support each other, they would not help each other, and they would not train each other. It ended up being Tetsu's loss, because she would fail the exam. Gekkou was placed against one of the few remaining Uchiha in the world. He had joined the hidden sound village, which had a total of only three squads participating in the Chuunin Exams. While they fought Shika was exposed to the Sharingan, and in turn released his own special bloodline technique. This was as much a surprise to him as it was to anyone else, since there was no sign of him being any more than the bastard son of a carpenter. They fought, and the Uchiha spoke of a girl matching Yumi's description. Shika decided that after becoming a chuunin he would leave and seek out the Sound to find Yumi. With his new ability he believed he could match her power. However, the battle wasn't as easy to win as he had expected. Though he was successful in matching the Uchiha's speed, the Uchiha broke and countered every attack he threw. It became a battle of wits,one that Shika would win. He used both the magnetic attributes of his chakra and his own strength. With such a powerful combo, even the Uchiha was overwhelmed. After that it was just a matter of holding a blade to his throat until the referee called it his match. Shika would receive his vest within two weeks afterward. The next day he suffocated the guard with that same vest and escaped once he was sure the guard wouldn't follow.

    It wouldn't have taken him long to find the sound, but instead he chose to seek out his clan and learn of his own powers so that he would have something to offer to the new village. While stopping in the Mist village he looked through their records, sneaking into the building and hoping they would be none-the-wiser. He was knocked out and captured by two shinobi. Waking up in a dark cellar, he was questioned as to why he was looking up the Kenjinchi clan history and powers. Shika revealed his power under the stress of believing he would die alone. When the interrogator saw the chakra activate, he instantly recognized it and had him released. Shika had accidentally found his clan. He was trained by them for two years, given their weapons and taught to use them. They taught him clan techniques and genjutsu, and how to fully master the art of the electric chakra. However, the clan would soon find him to be too powerful. They sent a few shinobi to take care of him. Ever paranoid since the day he spent in the cell, Shika was not be surprised. He preformed a similar combination that he had used in the Chuunin exam to bide him time to escape. On the way out he stole information on their most powerful allies. Off he was to the Sound Village at the age of fifteen.

    Shika located a member of the Sound village and forced him to take Shika to his kage. There he would have a nice conversation with the Sound village leader. The leader had placed him under rigorous tests that not even Shika was sure were passable, let alone survivable. However, Shika got through them eventually. Impressed by his abilities, the Kage placed him in the ANBU of the Sound village; a leader of a squad. He spent a year in the village, learning their hidden techniques involving sound, as well as gathering information on other villages and the members of the sound village. However, after a year he would discover that the Chuunin matching Yumi's description was not her, but a girl who looked similar. Disappointed, Shika fled the village. Alone again, without a companion or home, Shika became desperate. He got himself lost in the desert of the Wind country, and was picked up by Kumogakure ninja on a mission. They took him to the Cloud hospital where he was brought up and strengthened. When he returned to full strength, he went to the Raikage to thank him and let him know that he was forever in the Raikage's debt. Hotaru, the Raikage, already had a plan for how Shika would repay him. He had heard of Shika's feats, as most who's job it was to know shinobi had. So, Hotaru gave Shika the the task of infiltrating the Akatsuki, and a ring which signified the rank; a ring they obtained from an Akatsuki they had killed. Then, he sent Shika out on the dangerous and difficult mission. He was to infiltrate the Akatsuki, become a member, and take down their leader. He got into the Akatsuki, but for the next half a year was unsuccessful in assassinating the Leader. However, he was not going to return to the Cloud empty handed.

    He would eventually gain the foothold he needed, and take down the Akatsuki leader. Frightened of what would happen if he was discovered, he took the leader's ring as proof, the plans for the Akatsuki, and ran back to the Cloud. His happy news was overshadowed with the sorrow of the beloved Raikage passing. When it came time to select a new Raikage, it was clear who they would choose. They chose the one man the Raikage trusted the most, the one who had done what was thought to be impossible, they chose Shikisha Kenjinchi.

    Famiy: N/A

    RP Sample:

    Hotaru purred silently, he was liking this meeting more and more as it progressed. First he ends up meeting two shinobi, instead of the one he expected, and then he finds out he's partaking in a free-for-all. As he grew more and more excited, he watched as his future teammate launched an arrow into the mist, directly toward a massive tower. The figure collapsed and fell toward the ground, directly after what appeared to be his arm came up to his face, maybe to attempt and protect himself. This wouldn't matter to him in a few moments as two figures appeared around Swift at once. He felt no need to jump in, since one seemed to just be returning her arrow, and the other was the Mizukage himself. She was reprimanded, and Hotaru was amused for a second, his purring growing louder.

    Hotaru's scarlet air fell over his eyes, obscuring them from everyone, but not affecting his sight. Unless the others, he would bear no mark of a village, as he had just been inducted into the Mist, unofficially, moments ago. He wore a black t-shirt and a pair of ratty old jeans, with a pair of black slippers for comfort and silence. Around his neck were two objects, one was a silver chain with the symbol of the Gyouan. The other was a black leather collar, with a silver bell hanging directly in front of him, jingling as he turned his head curiously between the four other members of this meeting. Strapped to his back was what appeared to be a massive cocoon of cloth, with a sealing tag attached to the back. In actuality it was a blade that Hotaru wouldn't be able to unseal until he was absolutely ready to use it.

    Hotaru crouched into a feral offensive stance, with his teeth barred and his hands clenched into claw-like fists in front of him. His back was arched, and his legs spread wide. The lips, pulled back to reveal nasty fangs, were also twisted into a smile. He was ready and willing to go, and so he would turn his head to each of his future teammates. "Ready you two?" He asked them politely.

    When faced with a decent opponent:
    Hate, venom, acid, vengeance, all of these things were filling the throat and head of the legendary white panther. The man was given this name for several reason. The first reason was that he had brilliant, achromatic, snowy hair. The second reason was the matching cat ears and tail that graced his body with more than just diverse looks. The third was his personality; he was vicious and lethal. No prey that entered his sites ever got away alive, or at least uninjured. The man's speciality was in information, which proved to be fatal for the man he was now hunting. Word had gotten around that this man had not only stepped the boundaries of morality, but done so by taking and defiling Kidate's only sister and immediate family. A single tear ran down the scarred and dirtied face of the vicious man as images poured into his head of their first meeting. That meeting would be their last, as it seemed life had become too difficult for Kidate to live in society since he had earned his title. He was the leader of the organization that the man he was hunting now led, and that was when he earned his nickname the "Haku Oni Kurohyou". His mouth filled with acid at the thoughts of his little sister crying out, without her brother to protect her. He had failed her, and as a result this man had done things to her that Kidate could never take back. Man? No, this was no man, he was a monster; the inner editor within Kidate said. He nodded to himself at the correction, it was more fitting than even his shinobi nickname. He growled openly, the sound produced from his throat eerily similar to the one that most associate with stories of demons. He spat the acidic taste from his mouth and steeled his nerves. He was not planning on going back to the ways of the shinobi, but it seemed he would need to pull out every single move he had to insure that this man suffered greatly.

    Kidate's achromatic hair was messy and spiked out every as usual, nearly covering his soft cat ears. In fact, the only evidence of the ears was the gentle, pink flesh within the ears that stuck out against the snowy plain of hair like a sore thumb. His face was heavily scarred and covered in dirt and grime, he hadn't stopped his tracking for days. Beneath his eyes were heavy bags from the lack of sleep, but they had been there for years now. His teeth were glistening, fangs elongated and barred with his cracked lips pulled back. There was a disturbing fire in the man's emerald, feline eyes; the flames of hell itself. Chakra poured off of the man in waves, he did not attempt to control it or keep it hidden. He had forsaken the unprofessional outfit that had consisted of black t-shirts, torn up jeans, and top hats. Today, he had donned his old armor and prepared for battle. The armor was as white as his hair, heavy plates covering his torso and shoulders, with lighter and more flexible plates protecting his legs and allowing movement capabilities to be at just below maximum. Around his waist was a golden belt, which glistened like the golden trimming along his armor in the setting sun. Attached to his belt on the left side of his waist were two sheaths. The top sheath held an oddly-shaped long sword, that spiked out at the middle of the blade. The cross guard was in the form of an eye, with two spikes coming out from each corner. The handle itself was wrapped in gray leather, the metal silvery and the pommel another eye. The bottom sheath was a simple katana, five feet in length and silvery through and through. Its cross guard was in the form of some runic symbol, the handle wrapped in a length of silver ribbon. Kidate's arms were gloved with black leather, his feet armoured with grieves. On Kidate's back was the white cape of the Goryu, emblazoned with the green goryu symbol; a kanji symbol meaning "peace". It was ironic, this cape was worn by a man who had peace completely shattered and thrown from his mentality.

    Please, hold out for me my sister. Your brother is coming, I can taste his scent from here! He will suffer until he is nearly dead, and then I will draw the location where he placed you from his quivering lips, and deliver a killing blow. Then, I will come to save you. No one can stand in my way now, no one at all! Kidate thought to himself desperately, as if his sister could hear him. For a fleeting moment he thought he heard something like her voice entering his head, but he shook it off. He wasn't insane, just over-driven and out of practice. He dies. Kidate thought determinedly. He suddenly sprung forward from the building roof he had been crouched upon.

    He was within the Leaf village, on a building just outside of the Hokage's office where he knew the man would be since he had taken over the pathetic village. Kidate had never liked the village much, so he wouldn't mind roughing it up a tad. The sun was setting in the sky, painting the clouds with hues of pink and orange. The sky was a canvas and the sun was the painter, it was doing a mighty-fine job. However, it wasn't exactly the kind of scenery that was befitting of the end of a monster like Kyogi. Kidate's arm extended, and a crimson liquid poured out of nowhere, bubbling up into the form of a metallic shaft. From the end farthest from Kidate, two massive bubbles form. The bubbles extended, taking the form of identical skulls with the backs connected over the shaft. The metal solidified, forming into the hammer that had proved both an adversary and ally to Kidate from practically the beginning of his climb to the top. Warugi's voice faded in and out, laughing as his form appeared in Kidate's hand. The seal was doing its job, but Warugi was strong. Kidate grimaced, swinging the hammer at the wall that kept the Hokage separated from the outer world. The world crumbled with ease under the force of a hundred-ton hammer being slammed against it. It crumbled away as Kidate flew into the office, prepared to destroy the man's limbs.

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